Speaking Engagement……

I will be speaking at The Brattleboro Area Hospice training program in Bellows Falls. April 2 – May 28 (Thursday 4-7 and Saturday 10-4). 802 257-0775 or 802 353-0021

More details to follow.  The important information is I am talking to Hospice volunteers all over Southern Vermont.

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5 Things…..

computer-deathLove to see so many articles about death, dying,  and death related subjects.  Somebody has to be reading this stuff because there are blogs and articles everywhere. Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and locally in your daily or weekly rag. I can tell from WRS  blog alone, I have people reaching out to me from all over the country.

I have met a number of people who would not of talked to me about death, if they knew I was a funeral director. I  guess it’s easier to talk to the Barista. The funeral director, not so much.

Here is another blog that offers solid advice to the consumer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. All my info is on the contact page.





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Everything Funeral From a Insider…….

Thinking about a career in funeral service?  Thinking about what happens after you die? What happens during a cremation? Thinking if you can move your dead grandmother to Springfield when you move? An interesting blog about a funeral director friend who spills trade secrets under the alias “Mort”.

They list 10 things that everyone should know about all things funeral. Not being a big fan of corporate funeral homes, number 5 hits a chord.

5. Big corporations have purchased many funeral homes that had been in the same families for generations. The largest death-care corporation is Service Corporation International and it operates over 1500 funeral homes. When Service Corporation International purchased the second largest death-care corporation, Stewart Enterprises Inc., in 2013, many Portland funeral homes and crematorium were swept up in the corporate mix. Corporate funeral homes have a reputation of acting suspiciously like corporations with an emphasis on streamlining and systems, lots of death-packages to choose from, and, an eyeball toward profits. Mort’s mortuary is not corporate so there is a lot of leniency in terms of how family members can decorate their vaults and niches in the mausoleum. One niche contained the ashes and photos of a delightful-looking woman…and her iPhone because her family said she would have never wanted to be without it. Mort just hoped it never rang.

Please ask who owns your funeral home. Corporate funeral homes over charge families and have a history of unfair funeral practices. Most recently they have been investigated for mass graves in a Texas cemetery owned by SCI. Corporate funeral homes have a reputation of acting suspiciously like corporations. 




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Another Home Funeral……..

Here is a great article on home funerals.  If you have an interest in the Home Funeral movement or are just curious, have a look.



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True Dat……..

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December 11, 2014 · 2:54 pm

This is Terrifying………


10 Terrifying things you should know about funeral homes.

Great article about the current funeral home situation.  This is a 5 minute read which is well worth it.

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Death Matters……….

Want to say thank you to the Ladies at the Putney Library for including me in their Death Matters program. I was happy to answer questions and I hope I got to answer all of them. The weather stunk and we still had a sizable crowd. I was surprised to hear the amount of questions that were centered around unattended deaths at home.


Most of the conversation was about the timeline that starts after the death. If someone dies at home and is not being actively seen by a doctor, or the person is not under Hospice care, the first phone call is always to the police.  Once the police arrive, everything becomes a potential crime scene. Regardless of age, most of these deaths will have to be reviewed by a medical examiner.carry-the-body-of-amy-winehouse-outside-her-house-in-l

Some question were raised about who could move the body to and from the Medical Examiners office in Burlington. If the deceased has died at home and is going to the Medical Examiners office someone representing a funeral home is going to do the transport .  The funeral home is working for the state at that point. They are not working with or for the family. This has to do with a chain of evidence if there was foul play. Once the medical examiner has reviewed the body, a death certificate is signed and the body is released to the family. The family dose not have to use the funeral home that picked up the body originally.



As far as timing, all of this,  including autopsy, happens in about 48 hours or less.

Looking for more information? Contact me direct at 802 353-0021.




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